Eco-friendly, long-lasting insect repellent textile finish
Effective against mosquitoes and ticks

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Smart Inovation® is a nanotechnology company focused on developing innovative and sustainable chemical solutions for different industries, products and materials. Through our technology, we give new characteristics and functions to materials.

We exist to provide greater protection and well-being for everyone and everything: we are a multidisciplinary team that challenges existing rules and paradigms, and helps partners from different industries to add value to their products and open new market categories.

Together with Nanotechnology!

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The Si Technology developed by Smart Inovation® is unique, disruptive and patented in 147 countries. It consists of a matrix of nanoparticles that carries active ingredients.
These functional nanoparticles can bind to several materials giving them new properties and characteristics such as long-lasting antibacterial and antiviral efficacy, hydrophobic action or prolonged ability to repel insects.
Currently we offer applications for textiles, nonwovens, paints, varnishes, detergents, cosmetics, cement, paper, ceramics, sprays and other industries.

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Non-toxic, sustainable, eco-friendly products with high durability and efficacy. All active ingredients are recommended by FDA, EPA and WHO.
We do not use microcapsules, but instead we use a unique system of functionalization of substrates: the Si particles. Tests performed guarantee a resistance higher than 100 washes in textiles and 4 years in paints.


Revolutionary sustainable functional finishes. Non-toxic, odorless and compatible with synthetic and natural fibres, fabrics and garments. Easy to apply through the traditional finishing processes (padding, exhaustion, spraying or kiss-roll) and offer efficacy for more than 100 washes.

Sustainable functional finishes for application in wet-wipes, diapers, medical equipment and others. Non-toxic, long durability and dermatologically tested.

Sprays and final products
Development of formulations to be used by the end customer (B2C) such as insect repellent sprays for skin and clothing, antibacterial and antiviral sprays for surfaces, repellent wristbands, skin/surface wetwipes, and others.

Detergent and fabric softeners
Laundry additives (e.g. hospitals, hotels, cleaning services) that allow you to “wash-treat” fabrics and garments with different functionalities and offer efficacy up to 20 washes.

Paper and cork
Incorporation of added-value functional features in the paper and cork industry with high efficacy and durability, such as anti-mold, hydrophobic, flame-retardant and increase of mechanical resistance.

Paints and varnishes
Additives compatible with all types of paints and varnishes, which offer mosquito and termites repellency functionalities, or bacterial, viral and fungal elimination up to 5 years.